You Want To Invest In Gold & Silver
To Protect Your Retirement

Now you need the right person who will take the time to show you how to invest wisely.

  • Make the right decision - because you're well informed
  • No pushy sales agents - you’ll always speak to me direct
  • Help selling your metal at the right time, without any fees
  • Transparent rates - my commission is only 3-4% above cost

“This guy is the best educator that I have come to know, on investing in gold or silver...

He took his time explaining things to me, and never seemed annoyed if I didn't understand something and he had to explain it again - And there was never any pressure to make a decision...

I would recommend him without hesitation.’’
Bernard L - Appleton, WI

Securing your retirement savings protects the ones you care about most

You'd like to invest, but you know that if you do, you need to invest carefully... you don't want anyone trying to rush you into anything.

This is an important decision and you’ll want to take your time...

I'll respect that, and I'll be there to give you the support and answers you need, to make the right decision for you, about investing in precious metals.

“He was willing to answer any question I came up with…

He was willing to educate me on anything I didn’t understand. We would talk for 20-30 minutes and he was very, very, helpful.

He’s somebody I trust, and at the end of the day, that is hard to find.”
John D - Montgomery, AL

Get all the help you need and nothing you don't

When we work together, you’ll have access to me 6 days a week… You can call me on my direct line, and we can talk personally.

Okay then... so now we’re at that point where I’m supposed to ask you for your email address, so you can download a meaningless, free investment kit…

“I happened to grow up in a world that says nothing’s free…

Experience has told me that when these gold and silver outfits offer ‘free’ this and ‘free’ that - they’re really marketing, and I’m turned off by free offers of any kind.
James T - Altoona, PA

So, if you’re looking for that free investment kit, stop looking because there isn’t one

You can’t sign up for anything today... because you don’t need another brochure masked as a “Free Gold Investor’s Kit, or “Buying Guide”

We just need to talk…

Because you and your family’s needs aren’t the same as everyone else’s. That’s why I take the time to talk with you at length, to help you work out what you really want to get out of investing in gold and silver.

I won’t try to bribe you for your contact info, with the promise of something “free,” just so I can flood your inbox and with more crapola that you don’t need.

Let’s have a real conversation about your situation, so that I can understand exactly what you need.

In fact, I’ll tell you upfront, (not in fine print) my commission is typically 3-4% above my cost... That’s because you can’t build a reputable business by taking advantage of people.

“I don’t trust anybody - I’m pretty anti-establishment…

And I learned that there are some honest people in this world, which is nice. And that really renewed my faith because it was one of the biggest things holding me back…

Who do I use and how can I really know if I can trust them? I would say that’s the biggest thing I learned in working with him.”
Jean K - Farmington, MO

I promise, when you work with me, there won’t be any surprises because I’m going to walk you through everything, one step at a time

(888) 766-1980

Or drop me an email to arrange a chat

If you’re not ready to speak with me today, find out more about investing in precious metals...